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How to!! Show hidden files in Mac and Windows

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This article for newbies user. It was happen to me when I first use computer. Let see if it could help you some time to show and hide files on your computer to hide it from someone.. Mac Access the Mac’s Terminal go to Application>Utilities>Terminal To Show the hidden files # defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE # 
killall Finder To hide the hidden files # defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE # 
killall Finder How to […]


The weakness of Apple Macbook’s charger


In the last few days, I faced a big problem with my computer. The computer was not charged. After spent a couple of hours to find out what was happened to my Macbook, I have try all most every possible way and I found that the charger itself is not working.  Why? Because of the line was broken inside. Consequently, it made the Magnet connector short circuit. However, the Macbook charger has a lot of […]


How to fix!! – Mac book Air (2011) battery is not recognized


Hi people, see me again. Today friend of my ask me to help her about MacBook air problem. Hers two months old MacBook Air’s battery is not recognized and when battery charger is plugged in the charging light status is not on. I first think that the MacBook Air has a problem and asked her to bring it to Apple store. However, after my investigation. found that its battery was flatted and completely drained out. […]


MacBook Pro (2011) – RAM upgrade


Hi everyone. Since I bought my MacBook pro early last year (2011) (cost me $23xx) “MacBook pro 15″, CPU: i7 2.0 GHz, RAM: 4GB DDR3, HDD: 500GB”. It firstly seems like very fast for me. However, after a couple of months used and load of program had installed and running at the same time, it was getting slower and slower (some time just couple seconds freezing). Surprisingly, there is not things wrong with CPU, it […]

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