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How improtance of data backup? Start reducing your risk today.

Is backup really importance? Regularly backup is one of the most importance practice when your computer has been using for a while. Because, you do not need to get worry once your computer operating system or computer hard drive are collapsed, and your importance data will be gone forever. In this article we are concentrated on Windows operating system, since operating system collapsed and virus infected, are regularly happened. If the problem is occurred to […]


How to do!! – USB Drive data recovery using Free Recuva

Have you ever lost your data? I have been experienced with couple friends of my. They had problems loosing data on USB drives, portable storage drives and accidentally delete their importance files from their computer. It was terrible when they need to submit their assignment in the next day. However, they are couple of data recovery software, which is free and commercial purpose. Recuva is, without a doubt, the very best free file recovery software […]

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