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How To Configure SNMP Community Strings on a Router and a Cisco IOS

Router(config)#snmp-server community public RO


Lost your Cisco routers and switches password?

Sometime you may think every thing is tough, but, it is easy. Friend of my had handed on a network project from ex-engineer at his company. Unfortunately, the password of the routers and switching is difference in IT knowledge base of his company. He called me and ask for some advises to break into those network devices. I told him to do a by pass start up configuration process in the routers and switches, and […]


Configuring a client-to-site VPN through PPTP on a Cisco router

When configuring up a new Cisco router, turning on the VPN server functionality is a really handy feature to have – but again it’s one of them that you only need once-in-a-while. There are millions of different things that you can tweak – authentication, IP allocation, etc – but I’ll run through how to configure it up for use in a small office environment. First off, you’ll want to make sure that you have VPN server functionality. […]

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