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Ubuntu – OpenSSL Heartbeat Extension (Heart bleed bug)


The Heartbleed OpenSSL bug is unlike virtually any Internet-based security threat you’ve probably ever heard of. It’s not a virus that’s specific to one operating system or type of device. Since it revolves around a flaw in the method of encryption used by many of the world’s websites, this problem potentially affects almost everyone who uses the Internet, including people who operate servers that run Ubuntu Linux, the free, open-source operating system.


Complete Guide to prevent your Email Passwords from Hackers


A couple of months ago, I had received and email saying that I want to recovery my own Gmail password!! WTF!! Who was doing that such a thing. So that why I have change password of all my accounts to make sure that someone do not get something from me. Therefore, I find a practical way for you the prevent you own email accounts from being hacked. 1. Don’t use the links in an email, […]


How to – defense your home internet network


Hi friends. last time, i shown you a powerful computer security offensive tool, calls backtrack. Today, i will talk about how to defense your own home internet network. Almost everyone know that antivirus can protect their computer, but it is about only the computer itself. What about other entities, for example, wireless and internet sharing? the antivirus that installed on you computer does not cover all of these. So, how do you know there […]


BackTrack – the most powerful computer security offensive tools

Screen Shot 2012-06-27 at 9.13.59 PM

Are you a computer Greek? If you want to get into the silent world, this is the right place to start. BackTrack Linux is tools for all people from the most savvy security professionals to early newbie to the information security field. BackTrack provides a quick and easy way to find and update the largest database of security tools collection recently. This tools can be used from skilled penetration testers in the information security field, government […]


Make your own Anti-virus tester – EICAR Standard Anti-Virus Test File


The “EICAR Standard Anti-Virus Test File”, is not a virus, and does not include any fragments of viral code. It produces sensible results when run (it prints the message “EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!”). It is also short and simple – in fact, it consists entirely of printable ASCII characters, so that it can easily be created with a regular text editor. Any anti-virus product that supports the EICAR test file should detect it in any file providing that […]


How to Fix!! – Windows’ Internet Explorer default home page Ads infected.


Have your windows “Internet Explorer”  has ever been infected by Malware.. “Situation: every time that you open IE. It always show unwanted page as a default.” Check out here!! How to fix it.. Instructions 1 Download Avast! Home Edition Antivirus program from 2 Install Avast! according to on-screen directions. Select “Scan local drives” for Avast!, to scan all files and folders on the computer. 3 Click on “Continue” if a virus or spyware alert […]

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