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Tips – Make sure before get a gadget online!!


This is a Portable Hard Drive from Taobao website which a guys bought it online. A $35 Samsung portable hard drive 160GB, printed Samsung label at the front and at another side has words “Made in Hong Kong”. He thought, may be he need to check out what is really inside. When he open the enclose of the bran new portable hard drive, he was shock!!! The components of the drive are two set of […]


How improtance of data backup? Start reducing your risk today.


Is backup really importance? Regularly backup is one of the most importance practice when your computer has been using for a while. Because, you do not need to get worry once your computer operating system or computer hard drive are collapsed, and your importance data will be gone forever. In this article we are concentrated on Windows operating system, since operating system collapsed and virus infected, are regularly happened. If the problem is occurred to […]


Understanding and Start WebPages – Start it today!!


You’ve got your new business all established now and you’re ready to take the next step and set up a website to tell the online world that you’re here and you’ve got something to offer. You’ve found a catchy domain name to call your own and now… what next? Well, the answer is that you need to find web hosting for the website you’re going to build. So what does that mean and how do […]

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