Conference – Amazon AWS summit 2012


Your Future with the AWS Cloud and The 7 Transformations of Cloud Computing

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May 15, 2012 (Tuesday) 8:30 am – 6:30 pm


Crown Conference Center, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank VIC 3006


8:30am Registration and Partners & Solutions Expo
9:30am Welcome Remarks
Ed Lenta, Country Manager, Australia & New Zealand, AWS
9:40am Opening Keynote: Your Future with the AWS Cloud and The 7 Transformations of Cloud Computing
Dr. Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer, Amazon.comAWS Customers:

  • Easwaren Siva – General Manager Technology Strategy & Products, Vodafone Hutchison Australia
  • Seth Yates – Founder | Chief Technology Officer, Brandscreen
  • Richard Durnall, Head of Delivery, REA Group
  • Craige Pendleton-Browne, Chief Technology Officer, News Limited
11:00am Security and Privacy in the AWS Cloud
Stephen E. Schmidt, General Manager & Chief Information Security Officer, AWS
Security is the number one question that most C-Level executives ask about the Cloud. Stephen E. Schmidt, General Manager & Chief Information Security Officer, will share some of the details behind AWS Security, and why the list of organizations using AWS range from the US Department of the Treasury to mainstream businesses all trust AWS as a secure environment. You’ll also learn about the shared security model in the Cloud: that is, what AWS manages for you, and what you are responsible for.
11:45am Networking Lunch and Partners & Solutions Expo
12:45pm Extending your Data Center with AWS
Simon Elisha, Solutions Architect, AWS
In this session, you will learn how to virtually extend your enterprise data center into the Cloud. You will also learn techniques on how to progressively migrate to AWS within your current network topologies. Finally, hear how the New York Times and Shell have successfully implemented AWS as a complimentary data center.
1:45pm Disaster Recovery with the AWS Cloud
Simone Brunozzi, Technology Evangelist, AWS
The AWS Cloud supports many popular disaster recovery (DR) architectures from “pilot light” environments that are ready to scale up at a moment’s notice to “hot standby” environments that enable rapid failover. In one survey we conducted of small and medium business and enterprises in 2011, 83% of respondents said that disaster recovery was “top of the list” for budgeted cloud initiatives in 2012. In this session you will learn about the AWS’s services that are most relevant to disaster recovery scenarios, and see sample cloud disaster recovery architectures. We will discuss how these architectures might apply in real-life scenarios and review case studies of customers who use AWS today for disaster recovery.
2:45pm Partner Presentation: Design Thinking-Driven Innovation
Scott Shaw, Head of Technology, Asia-Pacific, ThoughtWorks
Jason Furnell, Experience Design Principal, ThoughtWorks

Hear from Scott Shaw and Jason Furnell, leaders from ThoughtWorks, talk about the latest techniques in design thinking-driven innovation and software development that builds a repeatable innovation framework to:
– Invest only in building what customers will actually use
– Rapidly evolve and roll out new product ideas
– Create more compelling customer experiences
– Get valuable customer feedback throughout the design and build processThis will be supported by real life case studies including those that use AWS solutions. Hear about how Continuous Delivery to the Cloud results in lower costs, increased agility, scalability and reliability.
3:45pm Increasing your Predictability and Decreasing your Cost with AWS
Simone Brunozzi, Technology Evangelist, AWS
Many organizations are attracted to AWS because of the “pay as you go” cost model. Did you know that there is a robust selection of additional plans that allow businesses to save even more money? In this session you will learn about those plans, and how they not only lower costs but also provide certainty about your end-of-month charges.
12:45pm Serving Media and Entertainment from the Edge!
Miles Ward, Solutions Architect, AWS
The explosion of media content is making the Internet richer and more dynamic but it also poses a challenge for IT infrastructure. What happens if your website becomes instantly popular? What if your mobile application gets viral? AWS has powerful tools to help you market your service quicker, with higher quality, at a lower price. It offers the flexibility and agility needed in a fast-pace environment. In this session, we will review products, architectures, and best practices for media storage, processing, and static/live streaming.
1:45pm Building Fault Tolerant, Highly Available and Secured Architectures
Simon Elisha, Solutions Architect, AWS
In this session, you will learn the techniques to take advantage of AWS components to create systems highly tolerant to failure by leveraging Availability Zones and Regions, read-only Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) instances, Bootstrapping, Auto Scaling, and stateless components. You will also learn how to create secure applications from day one utilizing AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) credentials, security groups and core AWS security concepts.
2:45pm Partner Presentation: Securing your Journey to the Cloud
Sasha Pavlovic, Senior Security Architect, TrendMicro
This session will examine security concerns along the cloud journey and provide a framework to assess and prioritise security efforts. It will also explore new technologies from Trend Micro that are already helping businesses to maintain privacy, integrity, and confidentiality across the landscape of physical, virtual, and cloud, as well as future innovations such as data-centric security that will enable companies to accelerate their journey to the cloud.
3:45pm Agile Development and Continuous Integration in the Cloud
Daniel Hand, Solutions Architect, AWS
Richard Durnall, Head of Delivery, REA Group

Learn about the journey that REA Group took from traditional waterfall approach to agile development on AWS. Gain insight from a real world implementation of agile techniques and continuous integration on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and other AWS’s services.
12:45pm AWS Black Belt Dojo
Joseph Ziegler, Technology Evangelist, AWS
Daniel Hand, Solutions Architect, AWS

In this session you will learn some of the ancient mastery skills of our solution architects. Hear from some of the people with the deepest skills in the AWS’s services and APIs. Bring along your toughest architecture and development questions and become an AWS “Ninja”.
2:30pm Continuous Delivery in the Cloud, The Devops Warrior Workshop
Nigel Fernandes, Senior Consultant aka Level 7 Monkey Wrench, ThoughtWorks
Fabio Lessa, Lead Consultant, ThoughtWorks

DevOps is based on the idea of code as infrastructure enabling a close partnership between the developers of applications and the operations groups responsible for delivery to end users. AWS provides a comprehensive programmable framework complimentary with the core foundations of DevOps. Join early champions of Continuous Delivery, ThoughtWorks, in a session of how AWS facilitates infrastructure as code, enabling collaboration between operations and software development.
4:00pm Best Practices: Microsoft on AWS
Miles Ward, Solutions Architect, AWS
Learn the best practices for deploying Microsoft operating systems and servers on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances. This session will additionally cover MS SQL Server on AWS as well as deploying, administering and maintaining SharePoint in a scalable, highly available configuration.
4:30pm Break
4:50pm Closing Keynote: Data without Limits
Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO,
The new data centricity drives that we have to rethink how we collect, store, manage, analyze and share our data, as all these processes now require limitless resources. Enterprises and startups alike are investing in large scale data analysis to serve their customers better and create a competitive edge for their companies. From Cloud to Crowds, many new techniques are required to ensure that questions can be answered with high quality in a timely and cost efficient manner. This closing keynote will focus on the unique challenges of big-data, the changes in infrastructure required to support the new world and how innovations in crowd sourcing and cloud computing are removing barriers for companies to be successful.
5:30pm Networking Reception and Partners & Solutions Expo
6:30pm Event Conclusion

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