ESXi on an Apple Mac Mini Server Late 2012 6,2

As I would like to have an environment for testing. I did invest in a Mac Mini Server and went through the following steps

  1. Bought Mac mini with OS X Server Late 2012
    – 2,3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
    – 2x 1 TB Serial-ATA-Festplatte mit 5400 U/Min.
    – DDR3 SDRAM mit 4 GB und 1600 MHz – 2x 2 GB
    – Intel HD Graphics 4000
  2. Got some extra RAM and an SSD
    Corsair 2x 8GB SO-DIMM, DDR3-1600, CL11, Apple qualified
  3. Put the SSD and RAM into the Mac Mini based on the guide of iFixit:

Install ESXi onto the Mac Mini

I had to go though the following steps…
  1. I did find the following support entry on VMware:
  2. Downloaded the ISO from the post above:
  3. Created a bootable USB stick with UNetbootin
  4. Run through the following procedure to get the initial config of ESXi started…
    a) Insert the USB stick prepared above in the MAC Mini
    b) Turn the MAC Mini on and keep the control key pressed (ESXi installation procedure should start)
    c) Press <Shift> + “O” as soon as the option appears on the bottom right corner.
    d) Enter <Space> and “iovDisableIR=TRUE” (This does help to avoid the pink screen during startup)
    e) Hit enter
  5. Run through the configuration the way you would like to have setup your ESXi
  6. Enter the setup menue and enable SSH
    a) Press <F2>
    b) Enter the root password (in case one have been configured earlier)
    c) Select “Troubleshooting Options”
    d) Go to “Enable ESXi Shell” and press <Enter>
    e) Exit the configuration menue
  7. Login via SSH to the Mac Mini and enter the following command
    “esxcli system settings kernel set –setting=iovDisableIR -v TRUE” and hit <Enter>
  8. Restart the Mac Mini
  9. There you go, I had to do step 7 twice, but now it works well 🙂

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