How improtance of data backup? Start reducing your risk today.

Is backup really importance?

Regularly backup is one of the most importance practice when your computer has been using for a while. Because, you do not need to get worry once your computer operating system or computer hard drive are collapsed, and your importance data will be gone forever. In this article we are concentrated on Windows operating system, since operating system collapsed and virus infected, are regularly happened. If the problem is occurred to computers people always have to pay a couple of  dollars to reformat and  reinstall new operating system, and a few hundred dollars to get their data back.

Let do the backup today to reduce your risk of loosing data.

Are you ready for backing up your data? the risk of loosing data will be constantly decrease when you start back up your data right now. Since windows already provides several perfectly backup solution integrated within the windows itself for user. What are the benefit by using windows’ data backup solution? Firstly, you can restore your data at any point of time you needed. Secondly, you can do it by yourself (save a couple of dollars). In addition, more often that you backup your data is less risk of your data lost.

What are the backup tools and utilities integrated in Windows operating system?

System Restore

is the most common used for backing up and restoring data in Windows’ environments. It is free and integrated within windows, however, a lot of people are not using this tools by the reason “I don’t know what is this program and I don’t know how to use it”. In fact, system restore is easily to use rather than you think. Technically, windows will automatically created a restore point when the system is changed or in some particular time. When you computer has a problems, for example, accidentally uninstall a program, you can user system restore utility to restore your system straight away. even more, you can created restore point any time you needed to reduce the risk which it is not hard for you.

Backup Utility

this software is very high performance because Microsoft is integrated VERITAS’s software which is an enterprise software and database back up solution.The software is designed to be easily used and has Wizard to help experienced user. This program is also integrated a lot of  tools to support data back up. You can run this backup utility from  Start->All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools ->Backup

Backup using hardware

this backup is another level of backup plan because this is an external backup. Your data will be replicated into anther media. Today,  these types of back up is normally be done by backup data into another harddrive, DVD, Tape, or Cloud storage. All your data 99% safe even you primary storage is broken.

Unluckily, if you primary drive and you backup media are broken I would have not thing to say about that except “BAD luck!!”.Too Sad By the way, it would be good for you to spend a few dollars to buy and USB external drive and start backup you system to day. It will be better then spend time and money to fix and restore your importance data.

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