How to – defense your home internet network

Hi patcup.com friends. last time, i shown you a powerful computer security offensive tool, calls backtrack. Today, i will talk about how to defense your own home internet network. Almost everyone know that antivirus can protect their computer, but it is about only the computer itself. What about other entities, for example, wireless and internet sharing? the antivirus that installed on you computer does not cover all of these. So, how do you know there are any unauthenticated accesses on your computer network and use your internet for free while your pay for the bills. Moreover, they canĀ  get into your computer and download importance files.

I have several simple methods to show you how to check for unattended access on your local area network (LAN) included wireless and switching and how to avoid the unattended accesses.

  • Network scanner
    • Scan who is online on your network. There are several free software that you can find it online using Google search engine. One you scan your own network you will be able to see who is online on you network. If you found any unregulated thing going on your network then you need to update your network security.
  • Wireless access point configurations
    • Use WPA2+TKIP encryption and authentication, Using this method could prevent the wireless access point to be hacked. However, you need to use it will complicated passkey. Why? because hacker could use dictionary to brute-force and again access to the taget wireless access point.
    • Hide broadcast SSID (Optional). By normally wireless access point always is broadcasting while operating to make any wireless network devices can see an available access point that could be connected. However, this is a weak point of wireless access point because hacker can also see your wireless access point like you see and start hacking it.
    • Using MAC filter (Optional). This option is normally disable by default. What is MAC filter? MAC address is a unicqe identifier number for each device in the world. For example, your computer has it own MAC address. In the wireless access point, you can use MAC filter to block particular MAC Address also can allow particular address to the network.
  • Router and Internet modem configurations
    • Regularly change password. I can say that this is a basic method to prevent hacker. Every time you change password it means that the chance of being hacked is decrease.

I hope this will help you to get an idea to prevent hacker in your home network.

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