How to fix!! Broken DELL’s power supply connector

Big Smile Say “Hello” again everyone. Today, friend asked me to fix his notebook DELL XP series. He said “It was not charging when connected to the charger”.   I have checked it out and see that the power supply connector on the DELL is broken ( May be kicked by his son Ugh! while it was charging). As the DELL charging is designed in a special way. There three difference contracts (+, – and sensor in the middle), so when the middle plastic part is broken and you plug the charger in the + pin are bended and touched the middle pin, make it multifunctional. Oops I have check the repair price about $200 (too expensive). AngrySo, how i fixed this problem this problem by less than 1$ price?? follow me Hell Boy.


Problem: DELL XP’s Power supply connector is broken.

Below: left shown the broken connector, right shown the original connector


Close look at the round part at the middle of the connector. how to fix!!

Step 1 : find a “Straw” that about to fit into the connector then cut it approximately 6 mm.

step 2. put it in the middle of the connector as shown below (Be careful leave only sensor pin inside the straw)

step 3 optional : put some super glue in to make permanently placed.

I finally try it with the charger. it works!!

It takes 5 minutes to fix this problem..Ha Ha let try if you have the same problem and do not want to spend a couple of hundred dollars. This is just an idea. however, you can adapt it in your way.

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