How to Fix!! – Windows’ Internet Explorer default home page Ads infected.

Have your windows “Internet Explorer”  has ever been infected by Malware.. “Situation: every time that you open IE. It always show unwanted page as a default.” Check out here!! How to fix it..


  • 1

    Download Avast! Home Edition Antivirus program from

  • 2

    Install Avast! according to on-screen directions. Select “Scan local drives” for Avast!, to scan all files and folders on the computer.

  • 3

    Click on “Continue” if a virus or spyware alert pops-up. The infection will be quarantined so that you can deal with it once full scan is completed.

  • 4

    Select “Options” menu once scan has stopped. Click on “Virus chest” and then “Infected Files.”

  • 5

    Repair infected .dll and operating files marked as “system files” or kernels. Delete spyware marked as “Trojan horse, malware, adware, cookies or spyware.”

Fixing Redirect in Internet Explorer

  • 6

    Open up Internet Explorer.

  • 7

    Click on “Tools” and “Internet Options.”

  • 8

    Click on “Advanced” tab. Select “Restore advanced settings.” Confirm changes by clicking on “Apply.”

  • 9

    Click on “General” tab.

  • 10

    Type in a default home page that will show every time you open a new browser window. Most likely this will be, or other internet search engine you’re familiar with. Confirm home page changes by clicking on “Apply.”

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