MacBook Pro (2011) – RAM upgrade

Hi everyone. Since I bought my MacBook pro early last year (2011) (cost me $23xx) “MacBook pro 15″, CPU: i7 2.0 GHz, RAM: 4GB DDR3, HDD: 500GB”. It firstly seems like very fast for me. However, after a couple of months used and load of program had installed and running at the same time, it was getting slower and slower (some time just couple seconds freezing). Surprisingly, there is not things wrong with CPU, it is less than 25% loads (Quad core with HT = 8 Cores logically). But RAM space is only 10 MB left!!  ( 4GB RAM is not enough <-__-> ). So after 1 year warranty was finished, I decided to upgrade my Mac book’s RAM. From my research, I found that cannot use normal DDR3 RAM (Need to be DDR3 for MAC). I had search on the Internet and found that “Patriot 8G Kit (4Gx2) DDR3 1333 PSA38G1333SK – Price $50″ is the best solution for me at that time (There 16GB available but cost is $150).

After I decided and got the RAM.. I started to open my MacBook’s cover by screwing out the screws around the cover then open it up carefully. you will see every thing inside like below picture and you will memory is located in the middle between mother board and battery. (Like me please click the Ads)


The next step is unplug the RAMs slowly and carefully.


Then insert the new RAMs in very carefully “Before insert it, Please make sure you put it in on the right side and make sure it is completely in place


Put the cover in place and screw it in.

Turn it no and check your Mac’s memory capacity. “8GB”

** If you turn it on and your screen is black and beep beep sound is playing.. Don’t be panic, it was happened to me as well.. It meant that you have install RAM not 100% fit into or the RAM slot is dirty. So,  just remove your RAMs and clean the slot and put it absolutely back in again.

Finally, My mac got 8GB of ram for my crazy use. However, 8GB of RAMs has been used, but it more smoother than 4GB… If you have enough money i recommend to install 16 GB in you Mac..

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