Tips – Make sure before get a gadget online!!

This is a Portable Hard Drive from Taobao website which a guys bought it online. A $35 Samsung portable hard drive 160GB, printed Samsung label at the front and at another side has words “Made in Hong Kong”. He thought, may be he need to check out what is really inside. When he open the enclose of the bran new portable hard drive, he was shock!!! The components of the drive are two set of screws and small flash (lass than 160 GB) drive connected to the mini USB connector, made it looks like a really portable drive.

What you can do to avoid this kind of problem???

1. Check the reputation of the store
2. Check policies and return conditions
3. Use payment service like Paypal to pay for the gadget when a case is happened you can get your money back.

One last thing make sure you have read every single words on the page before click order.. It sometime have a tricky word included.

About the Author: Phattharabophit Nanongkha

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