Remove Premium WordPress Themes [ clinkft1 ]

I got a WP Premium themes from the Internet and apply it on one of my WordPress site.  Surprisingly, sometime a random word appear at the bottom of the page which is link to another website. Big Boss

Word “Premium WordPress Themes”
Link “http://themes.weboy.org/”
CSS id “clinkft1”

Once check the source code it shown

<a id=”clinkft1″ href=”http://themes.weboy.org/” title=”WordPress Themes”>WordPress Themes</a><script type=”text/javascript”>clinkft1.innerHTML = “”;</script><div></div>

To fix this get into the themes folder and open this file

then comment out or delete the  following lines

function mytheme_clinkft() {
global $clinkft;
$h = array(‘web’.’oy.or’.’g/’,’them’.’es.we’.’bo’.’y.org/’,’th’.’emes.we’.’bo’.’y.org/’,’th’.’em’.’es.w’.’eb’.’oy.org/’,’th’.’eme’.’s.w’.’ebo’.’y.org/’,’wp’.’2′.’b’.’log.com/’,’zh’.’ut’.’i.we’.’bo’.’y.o’.’rg/’);
$t = array(‘We’.’b’.’oy’ ,’Wor’.’dPr’.’ess The’.’mes’ ,’Fre’.’e Wo’.’rdPr’.’ess Th’.’emes’ ,’Fr’.’ee Wor’.’dPre’.’ss T’.’he’.’me’ ,’Pr’.’emium Wor’.’dPre’.’ss Th’.’em’.’es’ ,’Wor’.’dPre’.’ss Blo’.’g’,’Wo’.’rdPr’.’ess主’.’题’);
$r = rand(0,6);
$js = ‘<scr’.’ipt type=”te’.’xt/jav’.’asc’.’ript”>cli’.’nkft’.$clinkft.’.inn’.’erHT’.’ML = “‘.'”;</s’.’cri’.’pt>’;
echo ‘<‘.’a id=”clinkft’.$clinkft.'” hr’.’ef=”ht’.’tp’.’:’.’/’.’/’.$h[$r].'” t’.’itl’.’e=”‘.$t[$r].'”>’.$t[$r].'<‘.’/a’.’>’.$js;

//if(!is_user_logged_in()){add_action( ‘w’.’p_fo’.’ote’.’r’, ‘mytheme_clinkft’ );add_action( ‘co’.’mmen’.’t_fo’.’rm’, ‘mytheme_clinkft’ );}

Uhuhuhuhu  It’s gone!! Big Smile

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