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Copy Contents in S3 Bucket Between AWS Accounts with S3cmd

First, download s3cmd download from and install: $ cd s3cmd $ sudo python install The following command will prompt you for your S3 key and secret. The prompt for ‘Path to GPG program:’ entered nothing in this field. $ s3cmd –configure Then try with the command $ s3cmd sync –skip-existing –recursive s3://source-bucket-name s3://target-bucket-name You will get ERROR: S3 error: 403 (AccessDenied): Access Denied   Then set the policy for both source and destination s3 buckets The […]


Conference – Amazon AWS summit 2012

Keys Your Future with the AWS Cloud and The 7 Transformations of Cloud Computing Suggested Reading Overview of Amazon Web Services (PDF) The Economics of the AWS Cloud vs. Owned IT Infrastructure (PDF) Overview of Security Processes (PDF) AWS Security Best Practices (PDF) Architecting for the Cloud: Best Practices (PDF) Building Fault-Tolerant Applications on AWS (PDF) When May 15, 2012 (Tuesday) 8:30 am – 6:30 pm Where Crown Conference Center, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank VIC […]

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