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Fix VsFTP – FTP Passive Mode Problems on Amazon EC2 Instances

For a while I was forced to connect to FTP (an installation of VSFTP) on our EC2 server using Active mode, because passive mode refused to work. While this is OK for FTP clients that can be configured to use active mode, other utilities such as screen capture (e.g. Jing) and the wordpress auto-upgrade could not work with active mode, causing all sorts of erroneous malarky. If you’re getting errors such as “227 entering passive mode… […]


How to fix!! Lost your XAMPP admin panel password

Since my last use XAMPP server for my web application development last year, I have not used it since then. It is running fine.. everything is good.. BUT.. when I call the admin panel page, it asks me for the username and password.. I have tried a couple of possible password, however, it does not work..  So, how can I reset the password is only possible solution for me!! hahaha     What is XAMPP?? […]

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