The weakness of Apple Macbook’s charger

In the last few days, I faced a big problem with my computer.Ugh! The computer was not charged. After spent a couple of hours to find out what was happened to my Macbook, I have try all most every possible way and I found that the charger itself is not working.Furious  Why? Because of the line was broken inside. Consequently, it made the Magnet connector short circuit.Canny However, the Macbook charger has a lot of strange point, for example, it is very strong with two layer of twisted leads inside make it can handle very high tension, magnet connector makes it easy to plugin and very safe when accidentally kicked.

But, there are some weakened points to avoid as well,

  1. Do not bend the line 45’ degree or Over
  2. Do not bend the line very closely loop

These two things will reduce your charger lifetime.

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